Who was voted out Survivor December 4, 2013 Results 12/4/13

Survivor Blood vs Water airs tonight and there are a few episode left for this season. There are three Redemption Island inhabitants and six castaways who are in still in the game. Who will be safe tonight and who will be eliminated and be the third member of the jury?

The final duel happens tonight, with the loser being eliminated while the other two get back in the game. I’m so ready for Redemption Island to end. How about you?

The Redemption Island battle tonight will have the players build a house of cards and sort them – something like stacking cards together.

Meanwhile, the Immunity Challenge will be frustrating for the players. Called “Ram-Ball On, they must balance a cue ball on a stick, walking along an obstacle course and add more poles to the stick as they go. They must then use the cue ball, release a key and get a set of bean bags to knock off some fixtures. The first player to do all this wins. Will it be Monica again?

For the tribal council, the say history will be made. Could be that it will be Vets tied up with the Newbies?

Anyway, follow us on Twitter, add us on Google Plus or join us on Facebook for updates on tonight’s episode. The battle challenge results as well as next player who gets voted off Survivor: Blood vs Water episode 12 will be posted, as always.

Update: Caleb gets eliminated; Katie gets voted off.


Laura vs Caleb vs Tina

– they must build a house of cards.

Winner – Laura

2nd – Tina

3rd – Caleb


Laura gives the clue to Ciera and she keeps it and shares with the group

Tyson fins the hidden immunity idol!



– Players must race through a series of obstacles while balancing on a pole, adding a section in each station. They must then toss sandbags and put down more poles.

– Reward – ice cream

– WINNER – Gervase (he invited Monica to join and Tyson)



Hayden – 3 votes

Monica – 3 votes

** It’s a tie so another voting


Hayden – 2 votes

Monical – 2 votes

** It’s another tie!


They were give the choice to come up with a unanimous name but their decision was to draw rocks

With this, they must draw rocks.






Katie, Ciera, and Tyson draw rocks

White – means going home

Black – means safe


Katie draws white rock

6 thoughts on “Who was voted out Survivor December 4, 2013 Results 12/4/13

  1. You said that 2 people who would returning to the game after the redemption duel. Yet you only stated that Caleb lost the duel. So did Laura and Tina return to the game? And usually when there is a double tie the players that received votes have to draw rocks. So why did the entire tribe have to draw rocks? When Monica and Hayden should have been the only people to have to draw rocks. So that makes no sense why Katie got voted out.

    • No Laura and Tina returned to the game. I assumed they will return but I was wrong so I apologize for that.
      Regarding tribal council, it was only Katie, Ciera and Tyson who did it. The rules state the four voters must either agree on a name or they’ll draw rocks. Since they couldn’t come up with a name, they did the draw locks.

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