Who was voted out Survivor December 7, 2011 Results 12/7/11

It’s Survivor South Pacific once again and tonight, December 7, 2011, the six remaining castaways visited by family members but before that, the duel between Cochran and Ozzy happens. Will there be surprises on who wins the duel? Will there be shocking results on who the the castaways decide to send to Redemption Island? Which player gets voted off and which player gets eliminated after losing the duel in tonight’s Survivor?

Titled “Ticking Time Bomb”, there will be an emotional family reunion as family members pays the players a visit. But the dynamics in the tribe change when Brandon’s dad crosses the line.

Brandon’s dad arrive to shake up the game, trying to bully Coach which impacts the others. This freaks out Brandon and confronts his dad about it. How will it impact his game now? Did his dad just blew up his chance to win this season?

Meanwhile, the duel will be The Nerd vs The Dominator in the closes competition yet. Does Cochran really stand a chance to win this duel?

Maxx Fisher has some spoilers again at TV Fun Spot. Please continue reading if you want to find out more about it…

As expected, Ozzy wins the duel which makes Cochran the fifth jury member. Not much of a surprise here. Then at the tribal council, Coach has decided it’s time to betray Edna as she’s the one who is sent off to Redemption Island. Not much of a surprise here either, but how will the votes turn out? Will all vote for Edna, or it will be a split?

Anyway, follow us on Twitter for the updates on the show. Find out if it’s Cochran who gets eliminated and find out if it’s Edna who gets voted out on Survivor December 7, 2011 results. It will be provided here, as always.

Update: Edna was voted off, having five votes; Ozzy wins the duel

– Coach wins immunity

– All castaways voted for Edna;

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