Who was voted out Survivor December 8 2010 Results 12/8/10

Survivor Nicaragua December 8, 2010 will be another episode of the CBS reality series. This one is titled Not Sure Where I Stand”. Will there be a quitter again tonight, or the remaining castaways is up for the challenge? Who gets voted out of Survivor 12/8/10? Results to be posted again soon.

One is confused and must choose between two alliances so that her/his place in the game could be secured. Which alliance will be chosen? Meanwhile, another castaway will question alliances after a broken promise leaves them out in the cold.

Who wins immunity and who will be the next to follow NaOnka and Kelly? By the way, many think that those two don’t deserve to be in the jury because they quit. Do you think the same way? If ever someone will be voted, we are thinking it will be Sash, just a guess.

Updates on the show will be here once again. Find out who among the castaways has to choose the alliance. Also know who was voted out, eliminated on Survivor December 8, 2010 results here.

Updates: Benry was voted out, becoming the 12th member of the jury;

Sash got immunity;

Fabio – 2 votes

Holly – 1 vote

Benry – 3 votes

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