Who was voted out Survivor February 20, 2013 Results 2/20/13

It’s the second episode of Survivor Caramoan: Fans vs Favorites tonight! Alliances have formed. Some are the targets while some become leaders. Who will be the next castaway to be eliminated?

Last week at the season premiere, Francesca was the again first player to get the boot, after getting a total of six votes. She tried to get the tribe to vote for Phillip but his alliance of six voted out Francesca instead. Will the favorites lose the immunity challenge again and go to the tribal council?

This new season of Survivor seems to be getting insane. Phillip is like running a spy corporation, assigning a name to his alliance (Brandon called him the Pink Panther too!), while Brandon Hantz seems to be causing trouble, feeling his uncle’s blood running through his body. Brandon says it’s all a game and he’s going to play dirty and he’s targeting Dawn as the leader of what he sees as an unsuitable vote. Will he be able to manipulate the tribe? Well, if you the preview of his rants, you might think he’s going to leave, but I think he’ll stay for a couple more weeks.

Meanwhile, one of the challenges will have the castaways be pulled out to a float in the water, dive to get a set of rings hidden in a bamboo and gather them. Once gathered, players must throw it on posts and the first team to land a ring on three poles wins. According to speculations, the fans loses the immunity challenge and with that, the favorites win and escapes elimination.

With the fans in the tribal council, who do you think will be leaving?

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Update: Alexandra “Allie” Pohevitz has been voted out, getting a total of 6 votes.

Brandon thinks of becoming Russell Hantz but decided to be a nice guy instead.

REWARD AND IMMUNITY CHALLENGE – three members from each tribe hops on a raft, dive and grab bamboo sticks releasing rings and then toss them back at the shore. Reward is a fising kit.

The fans struggle during the challenge, making them lose it. The favorites wins the challenge

Phillip creates a corporation named Stealth R Us, giving his subordinates some names.

Reynold finds the immunity idol, Laura knows he’s got it and then he tells it to the tribe. He said he’ll use it but put it back in his pocket after the tribal council.




Shamar – 4 votes
Allie – 4 votes

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