Who was voted out Survivor February 22, 2012 Results 2/22/12

It’s just the second episode of Survivor One World tonight – February 22, 2012, but it looks like the women are falling apart already. That early? Will they lose the immunity challenge? Who will be the first castaway who gets voted out on Survivor One World episode 2?

Last week, the women lost the challenge due to Kourtney being injured. The men had a choice to give the ladies a chance to win but common sense prevailed so they won the challenge to win by default. Will they be lucky again in tonight’s challenges? Meanwhile, looks like one of the Manono members are out of place and that’s Colton. He loves the girls as he has nothing in common with the guys. But do the ladies love him? Sabrina considers him a virus.

Anyway, in tonight’s Survivor titled “Total Dysfunction”, the castaways are going to jump off the deep end in an Immunity Challenge which requires balance. The teams must pass the other member of their tribe as they try top maintain their balance while on top of a thin log. Jeff says the the women from Salani had gone from bad to worse, but will that really be the case tonight?

Meanwhile, a group of misfits will band together and find an unlikely leader. Who could this person be?

There’s not much spoilers but more speculation. However, Jeff has a bit of spoiler when asked by Dalton Ross at his interview that we should beĀ get ready for some tears as one castaway pleads to be accepted by the others. Will it be Colton?

For the reward challenge, the castaways must unravel a woven set of ropes. The first team to finish wins. Forums speculate that the men wins immunity. That means, one of the women will go home. They say it’s Nina. Will she be the one to be leaving tonight?

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Update: Nina gets voted off.

Reward challenge – Manono wins

Immunity challenge – tribes must balance in a beam on water. Manono wins

One from Salani will go home.


Voting History:

Nina – 4

Kat – 1

Kristina – 1

Nina voted off Kat and vice versa

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  1. Omg can we please for the love of hitler and for our own safety,can they get rid of that flaming f**got Colton. Well at least they got rid of that hideous thing Nina….she may be one of the ugliest females I have ever seen! The ugly truck hit her to many friggin times….goodbye you hideous creature!

  2. Why do they always have to have an annoying flaming f**got every damn year? He and all of his kind should get their own island. Then some country should use it for nuclear testing….

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