Who was voted out Survivor February 23, 2011 Results 2/23/11

Survivor Redemption Island episode 2 airs tonight, February 23, 2011. The Ometepe tribe now lacks one member since Francesca was sent to Redemption Island last week. Who will follow her from her tribe, or will it be someone from the Zapatera’s? Who gets voted out of Survivor 2/23/11?

One castaway’s loyalty might be questioned by the other members of the tribe he belongs to tonight in the episode titled “You Own My Vote”. This castaway’s kind gesture will be noticed by others. Meanwhile, Francesca is speculating who will join her next while the search for food is on for the other castaways. Who do you think will it be joining Francesca for the face off duel challenge?

Whoever will it be, does he or she have the chance against her? Find out tonight who will be the challenger and who will be leaving. We’ll give updates on who was voted out, eliminated on Survivor February 23, 2011 results.

Update: Matt was voted out, getting a total of four votes. He’ll be with Francesca at the Redemption Island.

Any votes cast on Christina does not count because of immunity idol

Christina – 2 votes but not counted

Philip – 2 votes

Matt – 4 votes

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