Who was voted out Survivor February 27, 2013 Results 2/27/13

The challenges continue tonight in Survivor Caramoan: Fans vs Favorites. It’s only the third episode of the season but things are getting intense. Alliance shifts not just in one camp, but in both camps. Who will be allies now and who will be the targets?

Last week, the fans lost the challenge which made Allie eliminated after being voted off getting a total of six votes. Will it be the fans to lose the challenge and head on to the tribal council once again?

For tonight, Malcolm and Corinne will make a game changing discovery. Could it be that they are going to find an idol? Titled “There’s Gonna Be Hell to Pay”, the special bond between the two will lead to a discovery that could liven up the game.

Meanwhile, alliances shift and unrest ensues just before an intense tribal council.

Brandon has been on rampage last week. Will that still be the case tonight? What will be his next strategy? He surely can’t stay true to his words to play the game clean and simple. Guess it’s really in the blood, huh?

Anyway, speculations say that Hope will be going home tonight. That means, fans lost the immunity challenge again. Would you be happy that Hope is gone after tonight? If the favorites go to the tribal council, will an immunity idol be used if ever Corrine and Malcolm find one, or two?

There are so many questions, I know. But that’s what I think makes the show interesting.

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Update: Hope has been voted off, getting a total of four votes.

Corinne and Malcolm found a hidden immunity idol. Actually it’s Malcolm who found it first but Corinne is with him so he has no choice but to be on alliance with her.

Andrea wants Corinne out.

IMMUNITY AND REWARD CHALLENGE – players must climb over a cage intwo the water, retrieve a chest and return it to the finish platform on the beach. Winning team gets chairs, pillows, blankets and a tarp.

Favorites win the challenge!




Shamar – 3 votes

Hope – 3 votes

Eddie – 3 votes


There’s a three-way tie so they must revote, choosing between the three who got the votes. Shamar, Hope and Eddie can’t vote though.



Shamar – 1 votes

Hope – 4 votes

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