Who was voted out Survivor February 29, 2012 Results 2/29/12

Tension continues to heat up in Survivor One World and tonight, February 29, 2012, will be an interesting night. Will Salani be able to turn things around and win the challenges this time? Are you eager to find out what will happen to Colton? Who will be the enemy tonight? Who will get voted out on Survivor One World episode 3?

The preview says that the battle of the men vs the women has just begun and already things are falling apart. Alliances are breaking, tensions arising and the lies just beginning. It ain’t Survivor if there are no lies and there’s not much excitement if there are no betrayals and alliances.

If last week, it’s Colton who’s like a virus that everyone wants to avoid, it will be Matt this week. What could he have done for him to be considered as the enemy tonight?

Anyway, a bad storm will wreak havoc on the tribes which will bring some of the castaways to their breaking point. Which castaways could it be? Having a storm will literally spark battles between the men vs women. Meanwhile, the castaways will scramble during the immunity challenge, which involves pairs that are belted and blindfolded. The castaways must navigate through an obstacle course. At the tribal council, the losing tribe will blame it on poor communication which will lead to a heated discussion.

Who do you think will win the immunity challenge tonight in the episode titled “One World Is Out the Window”? Speculations say that Salani wins the challenge this week. With that, the guy who is most likely to be¬†eliminated is Matt. Do you agree it will be him? Did Colton use his hidden immunity idol this early?

As always, we’ll provide updates on the next castaway who gets voted off Survivor 2/29/12 results. Follow us on Twitter for the latest updates. We’ll also give details on the challenges, the winning teams and the voting history at the tribal council.

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Update: Matt gets eliminated, getting a total of 5 votes.

Reward challenge – Salani wins!

– Memory test. The castaways must put a series of item in the same order as the original one Jeff has shown them.

Immunity challenge – Salani wins!

– Solve the puzzle. The castaways are blindfolded. They must gather puzzle pieces in pairs based on the instructions of the member without the blindfold. When complete, the member who wasn’t blindfolded must solve the puzzle.

Manono at the tribal council…

Voting time:

Colt – 1

Bill – 1

Matt – 5

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