Who was voted out Survivor March 12, 2014 Results 3/12/14

It’s Survivor Cagayan’s episode 3 tonight. The remaining castaways will be facing another immunity and reward challenge. Who will win and who will be at the tribal council?

For the immunity challenge, the castaways will be shooting baskets out in the water. Alexis, Tony and Lindsay will be sitting out for this challenge. This seems to be quite an easy task than last week.

Another challenge involves having the tribe blindfolded while running around. They will be searching for baskets, sacks and bundles of hay. One from each team will not blindfolded so he or she will give directions.

Who will win the immunity challenge and who will get lots of luxury items?

There are spoilers that a woman will be voted out tonight. Find out if that is correct. Follow us on Twitter, add us on Google Plus or join us on Facebook for tonight’s updates. Find out who gets voted off Survivor: Cagayan’s 03/12/2014 episode.

Update: J’Tia got voted off!

Reward challenge – There are two blindfolded members from each team to get items while one is a guide. This time, Beauty wins, Brawn comes second and Brains the last. The reward is three egg laying hens and a rooster for the Beauty tribe and a dozen eggs for the Brawn tribe.


** Woo and Sarah wants to get rid of Cliff so they plan to throw the challenge.


Immunity challenge – basket game. Teams must free up buoys from underneath the water. They then must score basket with those buoys.

Winner – Beauty




J’Tia – 3 votes

Spencer – 1 vote

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