Who was voted out Survivor March 13, 2013 Results 3/13/13

It’s the fifth week in Survivor Caramoan and tonight, things are getting more intense. Who will lose the immunity challenge? Who will be the one to be voted off tonight?

They say tonight’s episode will have one castaway suffer a history-making meltdown. Guess who’s having and how did it happen? It’s Brandon, as some of you already know, who initiated it. He’s going to be out of control as he stuns his tribemates and reveals his hidden desire to sabotage their camp. This revelation will lead to a history-making meltdown. Is it just an exaggeration? We’ll find out later tonight.

If Brandon has a meltdown, could that mean the the favorites lost the immunity challenge? Looks like Shamar won’t be the focus of tonight’s episode (if there’s be a recap of what happened last week) if that’s the case. But we all know that Brandon has been unstable ever since. If their team loses the challenge and he has a meltdown, that could mean he will be out of the game tonight.

That’s also the speculation of many, that he’ll be voted out tonight. But we’ll never know until we find out. He might stay for another week and that other castaway will be sent home.

Anyway, follow us on Twitter, add us on Google Plus or join us on Facebook while waiting for the updates. The team who wins the challenge, the team who goes to the tribal council and the one who gets voted off Survivor Caramoan 3/13/13 results will be posted, as always.

Update: Brandon has been voted out.

Brandon tells the tribe to vote him the next time they go to tribal council since he’s missing his kids.

Brandon also said sorry for thinking on burning the shelter down and peeing in the beans and rice. But then he changes his mind.


REWARD CHALLENGE – two members from each tribe must hold on to a rope attached to a net. The opposing tribe will shoot shoots coconuts into the nets. Reward is barbecue.

Favorites win the reward.


IMMUNITY CHALLENGE – the fans wins.


With the fans winning, Brandon surely is out, after having a melt down and all that drama.


Everybody from the favorites voted out Brandon.

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