Who was voted out Survivor March 14, 2012 Results 3/14/12

There’s going to be a twist on Survivor One World March 14, 2012 episode. The tribes won’t be the same again since there’s going to be a swap. Which castaway will go to Savaii and which castaway will go to Manono? Will last week’s event be repeated, wherein the challenge winner went to the Tribal Council? From which team will the next castaway who gets voted out on Survivor One World episode 5 belong to?

It was a crazy episode last week and it will be the same for tonight. Colton’s reign continues but it might not be for long as it’s no longer going to be men vs women. The switch will happen before the reward challenge. A new tribe of greek gods will emerge and two castaways will shake up their entire tribe with an award-winning performance. Which castaways could it be? This shake-up will give rise to a super villain. Could it be Colton?

Lot’s of things are going to happen on this episode which is titled “A Bunch of Idiots”. But who will be in danger of going home?

There are news that the first group will have Chelsea, Kat, Kim, Jay, Michael, Sabrina and Troyzan while the other group will have Christina, Alicia, Colton, Jonas, Leif, Tarzan and Monica. Who’s going to reign as the leaders of the new groups?

Meanwhile, speculations say that Colton’s group will head to the tribal council as they lost the challenge. Will it be another historic episode? There are speculations as well that Monica Culpepper could be the next to be sent home tonight. Could that be true?

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Update: Monica Culpepper got voted out, getting a total of 4 votes.

New Salani members (blue)

– Sabrina, Michael, Kat, Jay, Chelsea, Troyzan, Kim,

New Manono members (orange)

– Colton, Tarzan, Christina, Leif, Alicia, Monica, Jonas


Reward challenge (peanut butter, jelly and coffee)

– carry a bucket with holes and fill another container.

– Salani wins reward challenge. They continue living at the beach

– Manono, the losers, go to a new beach without anything.


Immunity challenge – score baskets in high waist water.

– Salani wins


Manono at the Tribal Council

Monica – 4 votes

Tarzan – 2 votes


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  1. We didn’t appreciate last weeks. Show with the comment. By colton it was ugly and nasty if he do have a maid she must really need a job and I feel for her because she have to put up with him and his nasty self my dog had better respect than him and they dumb for allowing him to disrespect them as African American it was a disrespectful

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