Who was voted out Survivor March 16, 2011 Results 3/16/11

Survivor Redemption Island March 16, 2011 will have Matt and Kristina duel and whoever wins will be staying. Also at the end at the tribal council, one will be sent to the Redemption Island again and be the next challenger. Who will be the next to get voted out of Survivor 3/16/11 results?

Last week, we were shocked to see Russell sent home as he lost to Matt at the island duel. Will Matt gets to stay in the game tonight, or will he be finally leaving the island? Meanwhile, two unlikely castaways will unite over their shared frustration with their tribe members while¬†another castaway hides clues to keep their tribe from searching for the idol in this episode titled “We Hate Our Tribe”.

Who’s next to be going to the island? Will it be one from the Ometepe tribe, or one from the Zapatera tribe? Who was voted out, eliminated on Survivor March 16, 2011 results? It will be here, as always do.

Update: Krista was voted off, getting a total of six votes. Kristina was eliminated;

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