Who was voted out Survivor March 2, 2011 Results 3/2/11

Survivor Redemption Island March 2, 2011 will have someone upset over last week’s voting results. Will there be confrontation tonight on episode 3? Who will be the next to get voted out of Survivor 3/1/11? Results will be here soon of the third person to go to the Redemption Island.

Andrea gets upset that Rob went behind her back to vote Matt out. It’s a well done plan for Rob but will it be the case again tonight? It looks like hell hath no fury like a woman scorned for Andrea as she gets revenge to Rob. Meanwhile, Zapatera tribe finds out what happens when they cross Russell.

Which team will get to win the challenge? Who gets to lose and be at the tribal council? The one who was voted out, eliminated on Survivor March 2, 2011 results will be here.

Update: Russell was voted out getting a total of 5 vote, making him the current challenger.

Francesca was eliminated after losing against Matt at the duel.

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