Who was voted out Survivor March 20, 2013 Results 3/20/13

You think the chaos ended last week? There could be more to it tonight on Survivor Caramoan’s sixth episode. New alliances will be formed. Who will be left out and be voted out by the other castaways?

Last week, Brandon and Phillip nearly came to blows. Brandon had a melt down and tells his tribemates to vote him out since he’s missing his kids, said sorry about the things he did. But then changed his mind afterwards. Still, he got voted out.

Tonight, things are going to be more chaotic. There’s going to be a tribal shake-up. Thus, new alliances will be formed. This tribe change will also result in a strength disparity between the two tribes – Gota and Bikal. Who will be the new alliances? Note that it’s not yet a tribe merge, but a tribe swap.

Who will be in danger of going home with the new alliances?

Spoilers say that the new Gota members are Eddie, Reynold , Sherri, Andrea, Malcolm, Erik, Brenda while the new Bikal members are Matt, Michael, Julia, Cochran, Phillip, Dawn and Corrine.

Now, who’s going to be sent home tonight? Speculations say that it’s going to be Matt. Some wants it be Corinne while some think it will be Julia. Any predictions?

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Update: Matt has been voted off, getting a total of 4 votes.

TRIBE MIX-UP – the new tribe members will be chosen by the color in an egg

Orange (Gota Tribe) – Eddie, Reynold, Andrea, Malcolm, Sherri, Erik, Brenda

Purple (Bikal Tribe) – Corinne, Phillip, Michael, Matt, Cochran, Julia, Dawn

Each tribe were given a bag of rice.

New backstabbing and throwing under the bus. Eddie and Reynold want Sherri out while Sherri tells the girls she wants to get rid of Reynold.


IMMUNITY CHALLENGE – two members from each team must roll large crates and used them to build a staircase.

Gota wins Immunity!


Phillip wants to get rid of Julia.

Julia decided that Dawn should be their target.

Who’s the real target then?



Julia – 2

Dawn – 1

Matt – 4

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