Who was voted out Survivor March 21, 2012 Results 3/21/12

Someone is getting injured again on Survivor One World and tonight, March 21, 2012 on episode 6, it could be another lady. Well, if that’s the case, will no one be going home, or the voting continues and one of the castaways will get voted out on Survivor One World episode 6?

Colton’s rage takes over and the game claims another victim. Christina is freaking out, says it’s worst than what she really thought it was. Could it be her who will be in extreme pain which could stop her chances of staying in the game? Meanwhile, expect another conspiratorial Tribal Council as Colton continue to dominates his teammates.

There are spoilers that say it’s Christina who will be leaving tonight. If that is so, it could be her who will who get Medivac’d and leaves the game because of it. However, there are speculations that since the title is “Thanks for the Souvenir”, someone might be going home with the idol. The souvenir could be something from a reward challenge though and many think it’s Colton. He could be blindsided as well. All we know is that the ending could be shocking, just like the previous weeks.

Anyway, we’ll find out the real details tonight. It could be the other castaways who gets medical attention. As always, we’ll give updates on the show. In the meantime, do follow us on Twitter, add us on Google Plus or join us on Facebook. If Colton is blindsided and Christina leaving, we’ll find out. We’ll also post if someone gets voted off Survivor 3/21/12. Results will be provided.

Update: Colton is eliminated from the game due to appendicitis. The merge happens.

Reward challenge – climb on crates, bounce coconuts off a trampoline to destroy 5 targets.

– Salani wins. The prize is ice cream parlor Survivor style.


Colton is out of the game. The medical team diagnosed him with appendicitis. He keeps the idol as his souvenir so Alicia is totally pissed. Karma?

Both tribes are going to the tribal council.

At the tribal council, Jeff tells everyone that Colton had acute appendicitis. Alicia tells Sabrina Colton thanks her for the souvenir. Not everyone believed him. Then Jeff tells them they are merged – one tribe.




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  1. According to Survivor, Colton was the injured one and is now, HISTORY! Unfort, he should be sitting between Bill and Monica during da reunion show and we would have had our first murder!!!!

    Thank Da gods of Samoa, da -itch is gone!!


  2. I think is the men will be voted off the iland I think is a conspircy with the girls with the men one of the man will be gone tonight i think is tarzan will be this one will be voted off tonight

  3. I’m sorry for his medical problem BUT SO GLAD COLTON IS GONE!!!!! What a RUDE, Bigoted, babyish, cruel B…..d!!!

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