Who was voted out Survivor March 26, 2014 Results 3/26/14

The drama continues tonight on Survivor Cagayan’s episode 5. There are 13 remaining castaways left – 7 from the orange team and 6 from the purple team. Who will be the next to leave the island? Will the number of players from each team be even after tonight’s episode?

Expect a blindside to happen tonight on the episode titled “We Found Our Zombies”. One castaway will be questioning the team’s resolve to play the game. Who will get blindsided?

Meanwhile, there’s going to be a camp raid which will leave one tribe scrounging for supplies while another tribe revels in comfort.

For tonight’s drama? Trish and Lindsey will flip out at each other after Cliff’s elimination.

For the reward challenge, there’s going to be a big ring and players must enter it two at a time, one from each tribe. They will then must pick up a small handheld platform with an Idol on top of it. The battle will then begin and they will try to knock their opponent’s Idol off the platform. The player to knock the other’s Idol to the ground wins a point for his/her team and the team to get six points wins.

Meanwhile, the immunity challenge include a stepping path and another puzzle to solve. Which team will win immunity?

Another guy might be sent home tonight. Find out who it is. Follow us on Twitter, add us on Google Plus or join us on Facebook for tonight’s updates. The next player who gets voted off Survivor: Cagayan’s 03/26/2014 episode will be posted.

Update: Alexis got voted off!

REWARD CHALLENGE – Players hold their idol and battle it out. The player who knocks off their opponent wins for their team.

Alexis and Kass sit out for Aparri.

WINNER – Solana. They get to raid the other tribe’s camp.


IMMUNITY CHALLENGE – Teams must put wooden poles in order to build a staircase. They then must climb something, get a key and use a machete to get puzzle pieces that will give numbers to a lock to raise their flag.

WINNER – Solana



Jeremiah – 1 vote

Alexis – 4 votes

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