Who was voted out Survivor March 27, 2013 Results 3/27/13

The challenge, alliances and chaos continue tonight in Survivor Caramoan. There are thirteen castaways left but still, we won’t see the tribes merge yet. Who will be the next one to go?

Titled “Tubby Lunchbox”, the newly formed Bikal tribe will continue to struggle physically in challenges and Phillip could be in danger of going home as the other members of his tribe grow increasingly tired of his attitude. Meanwhile, over at the Gota tribe, Reynold is going to share confidential information about his hidden Immunity Idol and due to this, it might change his game.

The tribe merge is fast approaching but we won’t see that happen tonight yet. However, new alliances are formed as Malcolm wants to create an alliance with the other alpha males – Reynold, Eddie and Erik. Will the Bikal tribe be at the Tribal once again?

There are speculations that next one to go is either Phillip or Corrine. Some people are leaning toward Corrine while some are leaning toward Phillip to get the boot. Any predictions? How about Reynold sharing his immunity idol with the tribe? How do you think will it change his game?

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Update: Julia has been voted off, getting a total of 3 votes!

CHALLENGE – players are clipped to a rope carrying a 20 lb sand bag. They then must run around a course in knee high water. The first tribe to catch the other tribe wins a feast of sweets and coffee.

Gota wins the reward!


IMMUNITY CHALLENGE – three members of each tribe must paddle into the ocean, dive and retrieve a statue. The three other tribe members will use a grappling hook to retrieve keys to raise their statue.

Gota wins immunity!



Michael – 3 votes
Julia – 3 votes


There’s a tie so players must cast votes again, except for Michale and Julia.


Julia – 3 votes


One thought on “Who was voted out Survivor March 27, 2013 Results 3/27/13

  1. Julia was a total non-factor in the game, and the fact that they targeted her over Michael really shows what a bad leader Phillip is. I don’t know why they keep listing to him when it comes to the voting, and I hope that he is not in control after they merge the tribes. I nearly missed the show because I had a business function for my job at DISH last night, but thankfully I was able to catch most of it in between presentations. I love how I can stream live TV to my iPad from my receiver at home with DISH Anywhere because it makes it so I always have something to occupy my time with.

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