Who was voted out Survivor March 28, 2012 Results 3/28/12

The tribes have merge and beginning on Survivor One World March 28, 2012 episode, the castaways are now in one tribe, one big happy family. But are they really happy, or shocked? What will be the strategy of each players? Who will be the next target who will eventually get voted out on Survivor One World episode 7?

It’s going to be a one big mess as the tribes are now together. Alliances will also be shattered, especially between Jonas and Tarzan, with Tarzan walking alone claiming he has no alliances. But before any of these tensions happen, corks will fly and celebrations will happen. But it could just be a front since one tribe member will make a bold move at the tribal council. Who could it be?

Meanwhile, there’s one more chance at hidden immunity. Troyzan wants it and he’s going to find out. Will he be able to?

With Colton gone last week due to severe bacterial infection in the lining of his stomach and his intestines and not appendicitis, the plans of Christina being voted out didn’t push through. Will it happen tonight? There are a lot of speculations but no definite spoiler is available out there. It could be Christina turning the other players on her side to be against Alicia. Sabrina talked about wanting to vote out Alicia before the swap. Will it happen tonight?

The title of tonight’s episode is “The Beauty in the Merge”. Find out what or who the title is referring to.

We’ll post updates right after the show. While waiting for it, follow us on Twitter, add us on Google Plus or join us on Facebook for the latest results. Will it be a lady who will be leaving, or will it be another guy? We’ll give the details of the reward and immunity challenges for tonight as well as the castaway who was voted off Survivor 3/28/12 results.

Update: Jonas was voted off, getting a total of 10 votes. He’s the first member of the jury.

New tribe name – TIKIANO

Reward challenge – for today’s challenge only, the castaways were divided into 2 tribes. They must dig for 4 bags of puzzle pieces, bring them to two tribe members to solve the puzzle. The winner will get an afternoon of Pizza and beer and a note. Orange team (Christina, Sabrina, Troyzan, Alicia, Chelsea) wins.

Reward challenge note – there’s another hidden immunity idol

Individual immunity challenge – the players are perched on a small log balancing a ball on a wooden disk. Balls are added at regular intervals. Those who drop a ball or fall from the perch are out. The last person standing wins the challenge and it’s Troyzan.

Tribal Council – Jonas is shocked that people want to vote him out, says it would be better to vote off Michael. He also spilled out that Tarzan wants to vote out Kat.



Jonas – 7 votes

Michael – 2 votes


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