Who was voted out Survivor March 30, 2011 Results 3/30/11

Survivor Redemption Island March 30, 2011 will be an interesting episode. Expect the most extreme smack down ever as it happens tonight. We just wish Russell is still here on the show. Anyway, who’s next to get voted out of Survivor 3/30/11 results?

It’s going to be Rob vs Phillip and David and Sarita vs the rest of the tribe tonight. Who’s going to win the challenge? Phillip doesn’t trust Rob anymore while Rob thinks Phillip is dangerous. Meanwhile, the entire tribe think Sarita is the weakest. Who’s the next target? Will it be Rob?

We can’t wait to find out who the alliance will get kicked off. Stay tuned for who was voted out, eliminated on┬áSurvivor March 30, 2011 results.

Update: Sarita was voted out, getting a total of 4 votes. Stephanie lost to Matt being the next to be eliminated.

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