Who was voted out Survivor March 5, 2014 Results 3/5/14

The challenges continue tonight in Survivor Cagayan. Last week, two castaways were eliminated during the season premiere. Who will be sent home next?

Tonight’s episode is titled “Cops ‘R Us” and again, the castaways are going to face two set of challenges tonight – physical challenge and a puzzle solving challenge. To keep things balanced, two players from each tribe won’t be able to play since Luzon got two players eliminated last week.

Want to find out who will be sitting out from each tribe?

Aparri will sit out Tony and Lindsey while Solana will sit out Jefra and Alexis.

The players must scoop a bucket of water from the beach, run up and toss it to the next player. The player then tosses the bucket to the next player. The third player will be holding the bucket and toss the water to the fourth player. This player will then pour water to another bucket.

They then must solve a puzzle after to clear the maze and race a flag.

Who will win the immunity challenge this week? Who will be voted out?

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Update: Brice got voted off, getting a total of 2 votes!

LJ finds another hidden immunity idol



Brawn – Tony and Lindsey didn’t participate

Beauty – Jefra and Alexis didn’t participate

– players must use a bucket to get water from the ocean. They then will toss that water from one player to the next trying to fill a container to release a ball utilized in a maze.

WINNER – Brawn

SECOND – Brains



Brice – 2 votes

Alexis – 2 votes

Morgan – 2 votes


** 3-way tie so LJ, Jefra and Jeremiah vote again

Brice – 2 votes




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