Who was voted out Survivor March 6, 2013 Results 3/6/13

Looks like there’s going to be a first casualty this season in Survivor. A medical emergency is going to happen which might have one of the castaway’s game in danger. Who do you think will it be? Will he/she be the only one to leave the game tonight?

Last week, there was a three-way tie between Hope, Shamar and Eddie. Thus, there was the next round of votes and after the tally, Hope was eliminated and Shamar stayed. Actually, you could consider the tribal council as Shamar’s show, being sneaky, tricky and all. Will he still be able to do it tonight?

Anyway, expect a medical emergency to happen tonight where one castaway’s ability to play the game is in danger. Titled “Kill or Be Killed”, there’s going to be a storm, a hurricane in the island. How will the castaways deal with it?

There are speculations that Matt or Julia is the one who will get the medivac though some hope it to be Shamar. For the immunity challenge, they say the fans favorites lost again and the one to get the boot is Corrine. However, if it the fans lose, it’s going to be Laura.

We’ll find out tonight if that is the case. Follow us on Twitter, add us on Google Plus or join us on Facebook for updates on tonight’s episode. Find out who needs the medical attention plus of course, updates on who gets voted off Survivor Caramoan 3/6/13. Results will be posted, as always.

Update: Laura has been voted out, getting a total of 4 votes. Shamar was medical evacuated.

REWARD CHALLENGE – get tribe members from one platform in the water to another, until everybody is on the final platform. The reward is a local bushman.

Challenge winner – Favorites


Shamar offers that he will stick around if they serve him food at least once a day. However, he’s still gone since medical pulled him out of the game because the issue with his eye might affect his vision. The tribe is happy!


IMMUNITY CHALLENGE – players must swim to a platform, smash a tile, retrieve keys, open a chest and use the sandbags to knock down blocks.

Challenge winner – Favorites



Reynold playS his hidden immunity idol.


Laura – 4 votes
Reynold – 1

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