Who was voted out Survivor March 7, 2012 Results 3/7/12

Things are getting complicated on Survivor One World and for its March 7, 2012 episode, betrayal and lies is what to expect. From which team will it happen? Could it be from Manono or Salani? One of these teams will be at the tribal council once again, where one team member will get voted out on Survivor One World episode 4. Who do you think will it be?

There’s going to be an unforgivable betrayal tonight which will force one tribe to make a drastic move that will go down in Survivor history. They say we’ve never seen it in 23 seasons ever. Based from the preview, it looks like the betrayal will be from the men’s team. Looks like the Manono tribe lost something. Will it have something to do with the hidden immunity idol? Did one of the men give one of the ladies the idol? Did the betrayal have something to do with cheating during one of the challenges? Did one of the men help the women in the challenge? Is it Colton?

The reward challenge this week is a slingshot challenge while the immunity challenge is a puzzle challenge with an obstacle course. Could there be a cheating along the way?

Meanwhile, Colton is keen on getting Bill of the island, but how will he do it? Confrontations and more drama are about to happen tonight. An electrifying tribal council will leave some castaways speechless.

Anyway, who will be leaving after the tribal council tonight? There are speculations at a forum that it will be either Monica Culpepper or Chelsea Meissner. If one of these ladies were sent home, that means the men won immunity challenge. Who do you think will it be from the two? Will it be anybody but not them?

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Update: Bill gets eliminated, getting a total of 5 votes.

Reward Challenge – Salani wins and chose the tarp.

– the teams must know out 5 targets in a row with a coconut slignshot. The reward is either comfort, protection from rain or luxury.

Immunity Challenge – Manono wins

– obstacle course with a puzzle challenge.


What happened? Why is Bill voted off? Colton want’s to get rid of Bill so he went to the girls and give away immunity. Bill likes to discuss Colton’s issues with him while Tarzan wants to get rid of Leif. They manage to get the majority to vote for the men instead of the women who lost the immunity challenge.


Manono at the Tribal Council


Voting History

Bill – 5 votes

Leif – 1 vote

4 thoughts on “Who was voted out Survivor March 7, 2012 Results 3/7/12

  1. These womens are clueless and unfortunately, cast a bad prototype! When you fight for your Survivor show, you have to gamble and sometimes it pays off and sometimes it makes you look stupid like those idiots from Top Chef Texas!!!

    • Bill only got five votes so I’ve changed back the post to 5 votes. Yes, women lost immunity but the guys or Colton rather managed the guys to be at the tribal council.

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