Who was voted out Survivor March 9, 2011 Results 3/9/11

Survivor Redemption Island March 9, 2011 will be an epic duel again as Matt and Russell fight to stay in the game. Who will win the challenge and who will be leaving? Who will also be the one who gets voted out of Survivor 3/9/11? Results to be posted here.

One among Matt and Russell might be put to tears when one of them gets eliminated for good. Meanwhile, secrets will be revealed while Phil gets on the hot seat in this episode titled “Don’t You Work For Me?”. ┬áSomeone from Rob’s alliance might flip too. Who could it be?

Who do you think will be leaving between Matt and Russell and who will be going to Redemption Island? Any guesses? We are thinking Matt will be sent home while Rob could be the next to be voted off, just a guess.

The next who was voted out, eliminated on Survivor March 9, 2011 results will be posted here, as always.

Update: Kristina was voted out, getting a total of 4 votes.

One thought on “Who was voted out Survivor March 9, 2011 Results 3/9/11

  1. Ooohhh…. that would be a good duel if it were Rob and Russell. I agree, I think Matt will be sent home. Though I think he got the short end of the stick, being sent away for congratulating the other team… I also think that Russell needs to stay just to add more excitement and drama to the game. I would rather Russell stay for that reason, but can’t really say I want Matt going home. We will see ­čÖé

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