Who was voted out Survivor May 1, 2013 Results 5/1/13

There’s going to be a double elimination tonight on Survivor Caramoan. Yes, there are two immunity challenge and two tribal councils tonight so it sure is going to be an exciting night on the show. Note that the finale is on May 12th so most probably, the reason for double elimination was to fast forward the game.

Last week, one of the three amigos got voted off, leaving Reynold and Eddie scrambling to think of a new strategy to stay in the game. For sure one if not both of them will be the next jury member after tonight’s tribal councils.

Titled “The Beginning of the End”, the two immunity challenges and two tribal councils raise the stakes, forcing the castaways to consider big moves on their biggest threats.

For tonight, one of the reward challenges is to balance themselves on a very uneven platform in the water with the wind blowing. The reward is a giant plate with four donuts and ice cold milk. Who will get this food?

With Eddie and Reynold left, it will be surprising if one of them stays but there are speculations that Eddie stays and that Reynold and Andrea got the boot tonight. How did that happen? Well, based from the episode title which was said by Cochran, there could be a blindside tonight as well. If could happen if Eddie wins one of the immunity challenges, leaving the alliance of six no choice, but to eliminate one of them. But how did they decide on Andrea? It could be they consider her as a threat.

Anyway, we’ll find out tonight the reason if ever. Follow us on Twitter, add us on Google Plus or join us on Facebook for the results. Who are the two castaways to win the immunity challenge? Who are the two players to get off Survivor Caramoan 5/1/13 and become the next member of the jury?

Update: Reynold got voted off first part. Andrea got voted off second part.

IMMUNITY and REWARD CHALLENGE – Balance on a platform in the water. Reward is information in the game.

1st temptation – donuts and ice cold milk. Erik takes it, joined by Eddie so they dropped the challenge.

2nd temptation – three hot dogs and soft drinks – Cochran takes it.


Information given was a clue to the hidden immunity idol. Andrea tells her whole alliance. Erik finds it but gave it to Andrea.



Erik – 1 vote

Sherri – 1 vote

Reynold – 4 votes

Eddie – 2 votes


SECOND IMMUNITY CHALLENGE – Players must push a buoy through obstacles along a rope and complete a ladder puzzle.



Cochran wants to get rid of Andrea since he’s not on top of her list in her alliance.



Brenda – 2 votes

Andrea – 3 votes

Eddie – 2 votes

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