Who was voted out Survivor May 11, 2011 Results 5/11/11

Survivor Redemption Island May 11, 2011 is the second to the last episode this season. Four inhabitants in redemption island and five castaways remain. What will be the challenge for them? Who gets immunity and who gets voted out of Survivor 5/11/11?

Tensions and conflicts arise as the finale gets near. The bond between two castaways is strengthened by a common enemy. This bond will cause problems for the rest. What problem could it be? One of them gets a taste of their own medicine while one’s plan could prove to be the biggest mistake. Will Rob win immunity again?

Who will be leaving among the inhabitants next? We think it will be Andrea. What do you think?

We will give updates on the show soon. Find out who was voted out, eliminated on Survivor May 11, 2011 results.

Update: Ralph gets eliminated being the 4th jury member; Grant gets voted out, getting 3 votes

Ashley wins immunity

9 thoughts on “Who was voted out Survivor May 11, 2011 Results 5/11/11

  1. Holy Crap. How did Grant get off. Rob’s a DB. He’s playing everyone. I think he will win, I don’t want him to though. Happy Andreas still in. I want her to win it all, if not her than Phillip because he’s funny

  2. Rob was stupid to vote off his buddy Grant. now he is in trouble those women will stick together and the person coming back could vote rob out. i want rob to win but that was a bad play.

  3. Well its been said that good men come in first sometimes , I hated Russell the first time he was just so smart that i grew to love him, now that Rob is still there always loveing him and Amber. I hope he sucks them girls in big time who would mess with Rob like they do knowing how he sucks I hope Rob swipes the slate clean and wins the whole dam thing.. Go Rob,, we love you and Russell from Ky ladies

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