Who was voted out Survivor May 14, 2014 Results 5/14/14

It’s the second to the last episode of Survivor Cagayan tonight! The finale will be aired next Wednesday and not the usual Sunday. Who won’t make it to next week’s finale?

There are five players left – Tony, Woo, Spencer, Trish and Kass. These castaways will scale new heights as they battle for a guaranteed spot in the final four. Meanwhile, friends will become enemies when one overhears plans for her eviction, and Tony will come up with a strategy for his special Immunity Idol.

The reward challenge might have the players cover themselves in mud while the immunity challenge will be a three-stage competition in which the players must get roped blocks, build a staircase and solve the shuffle puzzle.

Will we see Tony’s special idol being used tonight? Will Woo turn against Tony once again?

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REWARD CHALLENGE – players must dive into a pit of mud, see how much of the mud they can transport into a bucket.

Reward – pizza

Winner – Tony – he invites Trish to join him eat pizza


Woo tells Tony Kass was planning to flip. Tony asks Kass and she tells it’s Woo.

Woo denies it. Tony is upset and Kass is talking about flipping on Tony.


IMMUNITY CHALLENGE – players must untangle ropes, unlock ladder rungs, build a ladder and staircase and solve a slide puzzle.

Winner – Spencer



Trish – 3 votes

Kass – 1 vote


Before the voting began, Tony brings out both of his idols and plays the regular one to save himself.




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