Who was voted out Survivor May 2, 2012 Results 5/2/12

One guy and six ladies remain on Survivor One World. It’s Tarzan and the the women. Does he stand a chance to remain in the competition or it will be an all women Tikiano tribe next week? Will there be another blindside tonight? Who wins immunity and be safe from elimination? Who will be the next member of the jury? Find out tonight who gets voted out on Survivor One World episode 12.

Tarzan is the last man standing, but can the women keep it together? Sabrina is so mad right now, which could be enough reason to vote out Kat. Meanwhile, Kat tells Alicia Sabrina has no idea that she’s on the line and thinks a blindside is so great. Chelsea also says that everyone’s wanting Kat to be out next but Kim tells her it’s Sabrina first. From here on out, it’s going to be a cat fight on who’s going next.

Looks like Christina is safe this time based from the preview if you’ve seen it. But previews can be deceiving and that could mean she’s going home next, or it could be Tarzan as well, unless, one of them wins immunity. But, Tarzan could be safe from being voted out since the women might think he’s not much of a threat.

Who’s alliances with whom? Is it Kim, Kat and Chelsea vs Alicia, Sabrina, Tarzan and Christina?

Anyway, titled “It’s Gonna Be Chaos”, the tribe will share an emotional moment with their loved ones and one castaway’s decision will create animosity amongst wounded tribe members. Who will win the reward challenge? Who will the immunity challenge?

There’s not much solid speculations at the forums. Some says Tarzan will be going home while some says it’s Christina. What do you think?

Find out what the highlights of the episode tonight are. In the meantime, follow us on Twitter, add us on Google Plus or join us on Facebook for updates on Survivor and other reality shows. Find out who wins the reward, who wins immunity and who becomes the 6th jury member tonight. The next castaway who got voted off Survivor 5/2/12 results will be provided.

Update: Kat was voted out, getting a total of 4 votes. She becomes the 6th member of the jury.

The castaways received messages from their families. Their families are also on the island with them.

Reward challenge – They are tied together and they must make their way through a rope untying course. Reward is food and a time with their families.

– Kat wins. She gets to choose two people to go with her and she chose Kim and Alicia.


Immunity challenge – the castaways must hold on to a rope while standing on a ledge over the water. Jeff, increases the incline at time intervals. The last woman/man standing wins.

– Sabrina – first out

– Tarzan – 2nd out

– Alicia – 3rd out

– Chelsea – 4th out

– Christina – 5th out

– Kat – 6th out

Kim wins immunity

The girls are thinking of sending Sabrina home before the immunity challenge. But after the challenge, they are thinking of voting out Kat, thinking she’s the bigger threat. But Kim thought otherwise, she wants to get rid of Sabrina first, then Kat.









** Kat can’t believe she was blindsided

**Kat votes out Sabrina. Sabrina votes out Kat

16 thoughts on “Who was voted out Survivor May 2, 2012 Results 5/2/12

  1. I hope Kat realizes they are against her. And I hope Christina, Sabrina, Alicia and Tarzan get together and picks off Kim, Chelsea and Kat!!! They are getting to cocky (other than Kat)!! Would be nice for the underdogs to have power.

  2. That is so dirty!!!! Kat brings those 2 of the Reward Challenge!!! And they backstab her! RUTHLESS!!!

  3. I wanted Troyzan, I don’t like any of the b#$%$#@ left and was pulling for KAT since she seemed to be lesser than the other evils…now I don’t care to watch

  4. OMG love it…the look on kat’s face as she keeps hearing her name and realizes she’s on her way out…Cool Beans eh Kat…still think blindsides are fun and exciting?!…

    • Kim is in control but if they to think that she is using them to the top if they do Kim she must not have a immunity again! :p

  5. I almost died of laughing when Kat was smiling away talking about how cool blindsiding is…what was so funny was her face when she learned she was blindsided!!!! it did not seem so funny to her when it was HER that got blindsided…..have to admit tonight was one of the best epi’s…..now hopefully kim will be the next to be blindsided, she thinks she calls all of the shots, alicia and sab have been laying low but they are not stupid, I think the game can only get hot from here on out, I love it!

  6. I LOVE IT!!!! Kat, blindside is not so funny when it is YOU that gets it! ha! what a chop her face was priceless, the sly smirk slowly faded as she learned it was HER that was being blindsided HA! great episode tonight …..I too hope that Kim is next she thinks she is the boss , I hope that the others show us what they got when push comes to shove because so far they have let Kim and Chelsea run the show freely…time to pull out all stops…..lets see some real blindsiding now!

  7. I already wanted Kat out before this episode. I wanted her out more when she didn’t take Tarzan and his wife and said she’s 22 and just wants to have fun and party, Never leave all your enemies behind to stratesize. Then that speech about blindsides. We were literally yelling we wanted her out so bad. For once we got our wish. Can’t wait to see her arrive at Ponderosa.

  8. I think the show sucks now. Once they got rid of Jonas the domino effect started on the men. Who cares anymore, it’s an all women show. It would have been good to see a male and female finalist.

  9. There is a season that comes along when the women kinda out fox the men and knocking them down like pegs they are noted for being sneaky,lying bitches. This year they outfoxed the men by initially setting up an allance with their girlfriend Colton who left the show due to an illness. Thank god the mouthy ridiculing Miss Priss left the show. One of the women deserves to win.

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