Who was voted out Survivor May 4, 2011 Results 5/4/11

Survivor Redemption Island May 4, 2011 have the ten remaining castaways with four in the island. The show gets emotional as the finale draws near and even if all Ometepe members remain, one must leave. Who among them is next to get voted out of Survivor 5/4/11?

One of the castaways will face a tough emotional decision while one uses all efforts to ensure safety in the game. The Ometepe alliance has no choice but to turn on their own, who will everyone turn against to? Is it Rob?

Meanwhile, who among the inhabitants Matt, Mike, Ralph and Steve will be leaving? We are guessing it will be Steve.

So, updates will be provided here again on who was voted out, eliminated on Survivor May 4, 2011 results.

Update: Steve was eliminated, being the third member of the jury. Andrea was voted off with a total of 5 votes.

Rob wins immunity challenge

One thought on “Who was voted out Survivor May 4, 2011 Results 5/4/11

  1. Andrea was voted off last night and she never saw it coming. Rob is the mastermind of the group bouncing them around like puppets, except for Phillip. Phillip seems to be playing the game just like Rob and knows Rob’s intention of taking him to the end to win the million believing Phillip won’t get any votes. However, Phillip is intentionally playing right into that trap and believes Rob is underestimating his ability to get votes. This should be interesting to see who out wits who.

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