Who was voted out Survivor May 7, 2014 Results 5/7/14

Another episode of Survivor Cagayan airs tonight! It just keeps on exciting each week as the blindsides continue. Yeah, each one is working hard, especially Tony, to remain in the competition. Well, he doesn’t have to work hard since he’s got “super powers” and with that, I mean to say he has the usual immunity idol plus the special idol which he can use after the votes were revealed.

Anyway, for tonight’s episode titled “Havoc to Wreak”, the immunity challenge is going to be intense as the players have to race across the beach, count items, race back and must unlock and crack the code to win immunity.

Will Tasha win immunity once again?

Meanwhile, the reward challenge will divide the teams into two. The teams will be throwing bean bags from the platform at another team’s wall of blocks. Who will win the reward?

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Update: Tasha has been voted off!

REWARD CHALLENGE – Players will throw sandbags at each other’s walls and race to rebuild it.

Reward – be ambassadors of goodwill at a local elementary school.

TEAMS – Woo, Kass and Spencer (purple) vs Tasha, Tony and Trish (orange)

WINNER – purple team


IMMUNITY CHALLENGE – Players must around and count the number of items at six stations.

WINNER – Spencer


TRIBAL COUNCIL – Voting history

Tasha – 3 votes

Tony – 1 vote

Trish – 1 vote

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