Who was voted out Survivor May 8, 2013 Results 5/8/13

It’s the second to the last episode of Survivor Caramoan tonight. The season finale is on Sunday already. Are you excited for tonight’s episode?

With the double elimination that happened last week, Reynold and Andrea were voted off and became member of the jury. With that, only six castaways remain. They are Cochran, Eddie, Brenda, Sherri, Dawn and Erik.

Tonight, one of the six contestants will also become the next member of the jury. Who could it be?

Titled “Don’t Say Anything About My Mom”, the castaways will get a visit from their loved ones, which will surely boost their morale. Their loved ones will join them in the challenges tonight. Who do you think will win the reward challenge? Who wins immunity tonight?

Meanwhile, one of the castaways is faced with a game-changing decision. what could this decision be? Will this castaway back-out from the competition?

For the one to be the next jury member, there are speculations that it’s Brenda. Who will vote for her and how many votes will she get, if ever?

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Update: Brenda gets voted off, becoming the 6th member of the jury!


– Cochran is visited by his mom

– Erik is visited by his brother

– Sherri is visited by her husband

– Brenda is visited by her father

– Dawn gets a visit from her husband


REWARD CHALLENGE – Players competing with their loved ones. They must spin to unscrew rails then launch bolos on those rails. Prize is floating backyard barbecue visit.

WINNER – Brenda and her father! She chooses Dawn and her husband to join them. However, there’s a twist. Each person has two loved ones visiting. Then Brenda is given the option to choose one more person to join them on reward or give it up and Dawn’s reward and give it to the other four. She gave it to the other four.



IMMUNITY CHALLENGE – players are standing on a ledge holding a handle, in which they will be lowered down the water until they can’t do it anymore.

Dawn asked Brenda to give up but Brenda won’t. Still, Brenda loses.




Brenda – 3 votes

Eddie – 2 votes

Erik – 1 vote


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  1. Brenda deserved a pass for her nice deed, Cochran should have his nuts cut off for what he did, I liked him at first but now after being the first one out the challenge, stuffing his face, saying rude things about his dad and then repaying Brenda for her kindness with this crap – get the little asshole out the game!

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