Who was voted out Survivor November 10 2010 Results 11/10/10

Survivor Nicaragua November 10, 2010 is another episode where in the tribes has merged named “Libertad” by Marty. What challenges awaits the remaining castaways and who gets voted out of Survivor 11/10/10? Results will be here once available.

The challenge for tonight is the contestants must huff, puff and blow their way through straw, wood and brick houses in “The Three Little Pigs Old Course” challenge. Jeff Probst is going to demonstrate what they should do. Who’s going to win this challenge?

Meanwhile, Sash and Brenda struggle to hold on to power and Jeff Probst gets speechless at the Tribal council of what NaOnka had said.

Marty was still in the game because the deal Sash made with him in order to give up the Hidden Immunity Idol. Until when will he be kept in the game?

Who’s going to be the second jury member? Updates on who was voted out, eliminated on Survivor November 10, 2010 results will be here once again.

Update: Marty was voted out, getting a total of 7 votes

Jane – 4 votes

Marty – 7 votes

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