Who was voted out Survivor November 13, 2013 Results 11/13/13

It sure is going to be another exciting episode of Survivor: Blood vs Water tonight. Expect a double drama as two castaways will be eliminated tonight. Who do you think will be sent home?

The castaways will endure two tribal councils in one episode tonight. Who’s going to be blindsided? It is still about Vytas as castaways wonder if he will get revenge for his brother’s blindside.

Meanwhile, Redemption Island is back and the duel this time will be with Aras. Who’s his opponent?

Anyway, one of the immunity challenges tonight is called “Pesky Palates”. In this challenge, the castaways must eat nasty stuff – meal worms, cow eyeball and pig intestines. I’m saying immunity challenges because of the two tribal councils and if ever there is, we’ll find out about the other challenge during the show.

Spoilers! Please read on to continue…

Many say the castaways to be voted off are Tina and Vytas. Find out if these are true tonight.

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Update: Vytas and Tina got voted off!

FIRST IMMUNITY CHALLENGE – Food eating competition – they must eat slugs, pig intestines and two live grubs.

WINNER – Monica!

– It was between Gervase and Monica. Note that grub was the food Gervase failed to eat during season 1 and he put up a good fight tonight,



Vytas – 5 votes

Katie – 1 vote

Tyson – 1 vote


SECOND IMMUNITY CHALLENGE – castaways must balance a sword in one hand while stacking coins on it with the other.

WINNER – Katie!



Tina – 4 votes

Monica – 1 vote

Tyson – 1 vote

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