Who was voted out Survivor November 14, 2012 Results 11/14/12

Tonight’s episode will have a shocking tribal council. What is about to happen in Survivor Philippines episode 9? Will someone be blindsided? Who will the castaways decide to vote off to become the third member of the jury?

Lisa Whelchel is going to make a big move at a shocking tribal council. Lisa will reveal she’s playing both sides. What will happen after she reveals this information? An original alliance is tested and an unlikely friendship will threaten to sway the game.

Titled “Little Miss Perfect”, seems like it refers to Lisa, and a priceless reward will prove to be a life changing experience for some Survivors.

Abi-Maria is getting sarcastic towards Lisa. Is it because of Lisa flipping sides?

Meanwhile, there are speculations that Artis will get the boot tonight. Will he be the one to go?

By the way, there are spoilers on one of the castaways who made it to the final three. The source is National Enquirer. Want to know who they are? Please stop reading if you don’t want to find out. Otherwise, please continue…

They say Lisa made it. Would you believe it? I think it’s most probable since she’s making the moves as what we’ll see tonight.

Anyway, as always, updates on the episode tonight will be posted. Follow us on Twitter, add us on Google Plus or join us on Facebook for tonight’s results. The next castaway who gets voted off Survivor Philippines 11/14/12, becoming the next jury member will be posted.

Update: Artis got voted off!

Reward challenge – obstacle course. The winning team will be Survivor ambassadors to a local village and share a feast with them.

Yellow team – Michael, Artis, Lisa and Pete

Red team – Jonathan, Carter, Denise and Macolm

Reward challenge winner – Red team


Immunity challenge – balance balls on a paddle. The first to lad six balls in the circles on the paddle wins.

Skupin wins immunity challenge!


TRIBAL COUNCIL – Voting History

Artis – 5 votes

Jonathan – 4 votes

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