Who was voted out Survivor November 16, 2011 Results 11/16/11

Survivor South Pacific November 16, 2011 is what everyone is excited to watch. We are sure about that. There will be double shocker tonight. The first one is during the duel while the second one is in the main game. What will happen to the duel and during the game? How many will be eliminated and voted off to Redemption Island tonight?

Three castaways, all are from the former Savaii tribe, are in the Redemption Island, but instead of one, there will be two who will be sent home. Which among Ozzy, Keith and Jim will stay? Meanwhile, how will the remaining Savaii tribe members cope up with Upolu? Cochran may be doing well, but what about the other two females Whitney and Dawn?

Meanwhile, another double elimination which shocks the castaways, is about to happen tonight and paranoia threatens to break Upolu. There will be two immunity challenges and two tribal councils.

Who will be voted off tonight? Who will be sent home? Will Cochran be one of the evictees? Please continue reading if you want some spoilers, which was provided by TV Fun Spot.

Ozzy, Jim and Keith face off in a three-way-duel and the winner is Ozzy. He gets to stay again for a chance to be back in the game. Meanwhile, Dawn is the first one to get voted out during the tribal council, followed by Whitney in the second tribal council. That leaves Cochran with the Upolu tribe members. Does that put him in danger? Since he’s an Upolu now, the others might see him as a threat and we’re more excited for that, to find out if Cochran will be sent home next or not.

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Updates: Jim an Keith were eliminated and became the first two members of the jury. Drew Dawn and Whitney were voted off;

Ozzy wins the duel.


Voting Tally

First Tribal Council

– Dawn – 5 votes

– Edna – 2 votes


Second Tribal Council

– Cochran – 1 vote

– Whitney – 5 votes

5 thoughts on “Who was voted out Survivor November 16, 2011 Results 11/16/11

  1. “Updates: Jim an Keith were eliminated and became the first two members of the jury. Drew and Whitney were voted off;”

    who is Drew?

    • @carolyn – good catch! watching The X Factor while updating the post so i’ve typed Drews instead of Dawn. Thanks for the correction 🙂

  2. I hope Ozzy takes it all the way!!! He has proven he is capable of feeding himself and his tribemates. Coach, blah. blah. blah… give me a break! Ugh talk about a man who is Full of himself!
    So much drama… I love it! Edna, she is smart to keep herself under the radar…

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