Who was voted out Survivor November 17 2010 Results 11/17/10

Survivor Nicaragua November 17, 2010 will determine who will be the third member of the jury at the end of the episode. Looks like there’s gong to be fire on this next episode. Will the one be responsible be the one who gets voted out of Survivor 11/17/10? Results available soon.

The title of this episode is “Stuck in the Middle”. One team returns to camp to find their worst nightmares have come true. What will they do?

Only ten members remain after Marty gets eliminated last week, after his plan to flush the idol failed when NaOnka did not feel threatened enough to play her idol. Brenda and Sash also decided to join the other on voting against him.

Who will follow him and be the next member of the jury? Could it be Jane? Wonder when will NaOnka be booted out?

Updates at the tribal council will be here. Know who is the next castaway who was voted out, eliminated on Survivor November 17, 2010 results soon.

Updates: Brenda was voted out, getting a total of 5 votes.

Brenda – 5 votes

NaOnka – 1 vote

Benry – 1 vote

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  1. The show is not reality. It’s Fake! Wise up, People.
    The cast and crew stay at the resort the production company has set up just out of view of the camera’s.

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