Who was voted out Survivor November 2, 2011 Results 11/2/11

Survivor South Pacific November 2, 2011 is an episode that must not be missed. What will happen to Ozzy in the Redemption Island? Will he win against Christine or he’ll be kicked off? Did he make a big mistake? Which castaway gets voted out of Survivor 11/2/11 results?

As we recall, Ozzy risked himself to be in Redemption Island, thinking he’s the only one who can beat Christine. He made the plan, which includes giving his immunity idol to Cochran and bad mouthing Savaii for Upolu to think Ozzy is on their side. We’ll find out tonight if his plan will succeed or not.

The title of tonight’s episode is “Double Agent”. As the merge is about to happen, Savaii puts on a show hoping to gain the upper hand in the competition. However, an unlikely team member will flip over the other side. This castaway holds all the power at the Tribal Council which might shock Savaii.

Are you ready for some spoilers? Please continue reading if you are…

Ozzy wins against Christine and joins the tribe as the merge happens. He puts on a show for Upolu yelling at Cochran. But Upolu didn’t seem to buy it. Also, it might surprise you like we did, but Cochran returns the immunity idol to Ozzy, who also wins immunity. So, he gave the idol to Whitney. That’s not all. The interesting part is when Cochran joins Upolu unknown to Savaii. Spoilers say we have to wait tonight to find out how. But at the tribal council, it was Keith who was sent to Redemption Island.

So far, Maxx of TV Fun Spot have always given accurate details but will he be correct again?

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Update: Ozzy wins the duel; Merge happened; Keith was voted off;



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