Who was voted out Survivor November 20, 2013 Results 11/20/13

Another episode of Survivor: Blood vs Water airs tonight on CBS from 8pm to 9pm ET. One of the players who are in Redemption Island will become this season’s first jury member! Are you excited for tonight’s episode?

The three inhabitants of Redemption Island are Vytas, Aras and Tina. One of these three will be the first jury member. Who could it be? The preview says “an emotional loss on Redemption Island produces this season;s first jury member”. Could it be Aras to be the eliminated?

Meanwhile, the castaways will find out tonight if blood is really thicker than water during the tribal council. Plus, a castaway’s generous offer will prove that immunity means much more than a sumptuous feast.

Going back the Redemption Island castaways, their challenge for tonight will require them to use a hook-on-a-rope, throw those and retrieve three bags which contain pars for the next phase of the challenge.

There’s also going to be a ball-maze competition in this challenge.

Then, for the Immunity Challenge, it’s a one woman/man standing challenge. The last castaway hanging will win immunity.

Who do you think will win immunity tonight?

By the way spoilers say Laura M. will be voted off. Follow us on Twitter, add us on Google Plus or join us on Facebook to find out it’s really her to get the boot. The next castaway who got voted off Survivor: Blood vs Water episode 11 will be posted. Also find out who becomes the first jury member. It will be be included in the updates.

Update: Aras gets eliminated, becoming the first member of the jury! Laura gets voted off!

REDEMPTION ISLAND DUEL – Vytas, Aras and Tina must hook bags with grappling hooks and release the balls to complete a maze.

WINNER – Vytas

Second place – Tina

Eliminated – Aras


HIDDEN IMMUNITY IDOL – Vytas gives the clue to Katie and she accepted it.


Katie then looks for the idol at daybreak with Laura following her since she needs it too.


IMMUNITY CHALLENGE – Players must stand on a small platform while holding a rope, leaning over the water until they fall. The last player standing wins.

Reward is burgers/hot dogs, fries and soda.

WINNER – Monica – she offered the food to the rest of the tribe.



Laura – 5 votes

Katie – 1 vote

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