Who was voted out Survivor November 21, 2012 Results 11/21/12

Survivor Philippines continues tonight with an all new episode airing from 8pm to 9pm ET. There are 8 castaways remaining, but after tonight’s episode, one will become another jury member. Who do you think will it be?

Last week, another blindside happened. Though it’s not that crazy as the previous one, it was still a great tribal council. Artis became a target by Denise, Malcolm and Carter and they brought Skupin on board. She got voted after after having five castaways want her out. Everyone was shocked, including Abi, Jeff and the jury. Lisa remained loyal to her alliance while Skupin joined the others.

Lisa said that she’s willing to be loyal to the end. However, she said that her former alliance isn’t loyal and they’ve proven that. She’ll find out if there are others who will be a bit nicer.

Tonight, expect tempers to flare as one castaway returns with a bad attitude. Titled “Whiners are Wieners”, this will happen after the reward challenge, with a luxurious spa getaway as the prize, with this castaway returning with a full belly and a bitter attitude. What could have caused this? There are speculations that it’s Abi. Do you agree?

For the one to leave tonight, they say it’s going to be Pete. What do you think? Won’t it be Abi since they seem to want her out?

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Update: Pete gets eliminated! He becomes the 4th member of the jury!

Reward challenge – castaways are grouped into two teams. Each team have three drums they must get face up at the same time to score a point.

Red team – Abi, Carter, Malcolm, Pete

Yellow team – Penner, Denise, Lisa, Skupin

Reward challenge winner – Red team wins. They won a spa day with some food.


Immunity challenge – maneuver buoys along ropes.

Carter wins immunity.



Malcom wants to have a deal with Denise, Lisa and Mike as the final four. His alternative are Penner and Carter.

Penner declined the offer, until they get rid of Abi and Peter.



Pete – 3 votes

Malcolm – 2 votes

Abi – 3 votes (she played her idol so votes against her doesn’t count)

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