Who was voted out Survivor November 23, 2011 Results 11/23/11

Survivor tonight will be showing a never-before-seen clips. That means, there will be no new episode for November 23, 2011. It’s Thanksgiving so the show most likely didn’t want to take some risks since people are in a holiday mood this week. What clips will be shown tonight?

The weeks are becoming more and more intense, as the season finale draws near. Ozzy had taken so much risks which might jeopardize his chance to win the competition. Cochran have flipped over to the other side, to remain in the competition.

Two juries, three inhabitants of Redemption Island and seven castaways are still in the game. Ozzy, Whitney and Dawn are in Redemption Island. We won’t know what will happen yet since the new episode will be available next week.

What are your favorite highlights this season? Which reward and immunity challenges are the best so far? The past two weeks have been intense, which started when Ozzy’s plan to outlast Coach’s tribe failed and Cochran flipping to the other team even if he was saved by Ozzy during his screw-up. Are we going to see it again? The show might air more than that. We might be able to see how relationships developed.

Anyway, that’s it for tonight in Survivor South Pacific 11/23/11. We’ll be back giving updates and results for this show next week.

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