Who was voted out Survivor November 24 2010 Results 11/24/10

Survivor Nicaragua November 24, 2010 episode airs tonight, which is just a recap of the entire season, from episode 1 to 10. The title of the episode is “We Did It Guys”. Get to watch again the highlights of season 21 on Survivor 11/24/10.

Most likely, we’ll get to see what happened once again the entire season, highlighting the important parts of the show, especially the tribal council. Unaired footages are presented to the viewers as well.

Which part of this season 21 did you like the most? Which part are you looking forward to watch again? Get to see all of the 20 contestants again and how they got trimmed down to nine.

No results will be given though so if ever you were not able to watch the show tonight, you didn’t miss anything. Survivor November 24, 2010 is a recap episode.

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