Who was voted out Survivor November 27, 2013 Results 11/27/13

An all new episode of Survivor: Blood vs Water airs tonight. There are seven remaining castaways plus three Redemption Island inhabitants, but at the end of the episode tonight, one castaway from Redemption Island will be eliminated while another one player will be vote off. Who do you think will they be?

One castaway will make a bold move and this move could either smoke out the hidden immunity idol or extinguish their own flame. Meanwhile, one castaway will be in hot water due to playing both sides of the tribe.

The next target could be Ciera, instead of Tyson, but we’ll never know who among the remaining castaways will get blindsided.

Anyway, the Redemption Island Challenge will be between Laura, Tina and Vytas. They have to retrieve four cubes from a mesh tunnel and arrange them in the second part of the challenge. Laura’s back in Redemption Island for the second time. Will she be finally be out after tonight?

The Immunity Challenge is called “Wrist Assured”, in which the players will hold a bar controlling a bag which contains 25% of their own body weight.

Who will lose the Redemption Island battle and who will win Immunity tonight?

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Update: Vytas got eliminated; Caleb got voted off!


– Task is to retrieve four cubes from a nutted tunnel.

– WINNER – Laura – she gives the clue to Ciera but she burns it.




– Players must hold on to a weighted bucket until the bucket drops. Last player standing wins.

– TEMPTATION – Jeff tempts them with a buffet of barbecued foods if they sit out.

– Tyson, Gervase and Ciera didn’t compete

– WINNER – Monica



– Ciera – 3 votes

– Caleb – 4 votes




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