Who was voted out Survivor November 28, 2012 Results 11/28/12

It’s the 11th episode of Survivor Philippines tonight and we’e down to seven castaways to compete for the reward challenge and immunity challenge. Who will be the target for tonight? Can’t wait to find out!

Last week, Abi-Maria finally found it she’s not liked in the group when the votes are revealed, having three castaways wanted her out. But since she has the immunity idol, votes against her aren’t counted. Thus it was Pete who was voted out. Note that Malcolm didn’t use his idol and that he also has two votes.

Without the immunity idol to protect her, will it be Abi’s turn to leave and become the next member of the jury?

Abi-Maria has planted herself firmly in the Survivor Villain Hall of Fame, says Jeff Probst, He never predicted that before the show started since he thought she was charming and funny. Well, she could just be misunderstood, or not?

For tonight’s episode, will Abi have new strategy for her to remain in the competition? Meanwhile, Lisa will face inner turmoil when she’s forced to choose between emotional and strategic alliances. Which one will she choose?

For the reward challenge, castaways will exhaust their funds on tasty rewards and you might be surprised when one castaway gets generous and makes two bids for his tribemates during the hearty food auction. Which of the castaways could it be?

Anyway, who do you think will be the next jury member? There are speculations that it will be Penner. What do you think?

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Update: Jonathan Penner has been voted off! 


Each contestant was given $500.

First auction – pancakes, bacon and orange tarts. Denise offers $200, Malcolm offers $320 then Denise offers $500 for it. Thus, she wins.

Second auction – cheese and wine. Michael pays $500 for it.

Third auction – iced coffee and donuts. Malcolm offers $200 and won.

Fourth auction – fried chicken and fries. Jonathan got it for $100.

Fifth auction – potato with toppings which can be trade for a sack of rice and beans for the tribe. Carter got it for $200 but he chose the rice and beans.

Sixth auction – Huge sandwich. Lisa got it for $320, winning against Carter.

Seventh auction – advantage in the game – hint for immunity challenge. Abi got it for $500. It’s actually a pass that takes her to the last part of the immunity challenge.

Eight auction – veal shanks. Carter got it for $200 and it’s for the entire tribe for 60 seconds of eating.


IMMUNITY CHALLENGE – Abi wins the immunity so she’s safe for another week.

The challenge is three-part. The first round have the castaways unravel their rope and make it to the other end. Second round is for them to go through a bamboo maze with twisted poles with a rope. Last round is a multi-level maze in which they must untie knots through the end.



Denise – 3 votes

Penner – 4 votes

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  1. Abi had an un fair advantage, she should of had at least 5% of her weight added on because Carter had 10% & both him & Penner were tired from doing the other 2 rounds.

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