Who was voted out Survivor November 3 2010 Results 11/3/10

Survivor Nicaragua November 3, 2010 episode tonight will feature the merge, the reveal of the merge crate and a saboteur. Who will sabotage the game and if ever, will this castaway be sent home? Who gets voted out of Survivor 11/3/10? Results to be posted below soon.

The title of the episode 8 tonight is “Company Will Be Arriving Soon”. Everyone is brought together by the merge, but NaOnka works overtime to try and tear everyone apart. She’s sabotaging everyone. What is she up to?

Hopefully, she would be leaving next, but we cannot be sure unless it happens at the Tribal Council. Marty almost got out last week, but is he still safe tonight?

Who do you want to be kicked off next? The one who was voted out, eliminated on Survivor November 3, 2010 results will be here.

Updates: Alina was voted out, becoming the first member of the jury.

Marty – 2

Alina – 9

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