Who was voted out Survivor November 30, 2011 Results 11/30/11

Survivor South Pacific returns with an all-new episode tonight, November 30, 2011. Only seven castaways remain, all from Upolu except for Cochran, who was from Savaii before the merge happened. However, one of these seven remaining contestants will be sent off to Redemption Island and face whoever is the winner in tonight’s duel. Who gets eliminated next and who gets voted off next in Survivor tonight?

Titled “Cult Like”, Coach continues to lead the tribe but that’s not all. Tonight’s episode is all about lies and liabilities as one castaway tells a bold lie hoping to gain favor with his current teammates. Will he be successful? Meanwhile, an alliance member will become a liability around the camp. Which member could it be?

Will the lone Savaii member be able to survive? Will Ozzy win the Redemption Island duel once again? If you want to read some spoilers, please continue reading…

It’s time to rejoice! Cochran is voted out during the Tribal Council so it’s exciting what will happen next week. There is no mention on who wins the duel, but we are hoping it will be Ozzy again so that it will be him and Cochran next week in the duel. It sure is going to be exciting. Also it’s no surprise that the tribe wants Cochran out, with him being the lone Savaii. We’ll be surprised more if he’s still in the competition next week. So him flipping out to the other team’s side thinking he has a high chance of winning, didn’t work at all.

The one we are curious about is the voting history. Will all vote against Cochran or the votes are somewhat divided?

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Update: Cochran was voted off, getting 4 votes; Ozzy wins the duel. He’s the current inhabitant in Redemption Island. Dawn and Whitney are the next members of the jury.


4 thoughts on “Who was voted out Survivor November 30, 2011 Results 11/30/11

  1. I cant believe Dawn and Whitney are out I wanted her to win but the bitch Ozzy has to win i hate when people from the past come back they just have an advanced thing to know it Dawn was the oldest and she made it this far wtf ozy just give up your not going to win i hope COACH,SOPHIE OR BRANDON WINS I HATE U OZZY NOW U ELIMINATED MY WINNER FROM THIS SEASON PINCHE PUTO OZZY

  2. The million dollar prize is Coach’s for the taking. He’s taken charge of his tribe, unlike the Oz, who plays a great physical game but the mental part is his downfall.

    Coach has kept his tribe under control & clearly is the favorite to win it all.

  3. GO OZZY GO!!! Love, love, love, OZZY. I wasnt happy when he threw a little fit but everyone deserves to have a pukey day every once in a while. He got hold of himself and is one of the best of all times. WIN IT ALL OZZY!!!!!!

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