Who was voted out Survivor November 6, 2013 Results 11/6/13

The drama continues tonight on Survivor: Blood vs Water. Looks like it’s going to be a one good episode tonight, with all the events that’s going to happen. One of the inhabitants of Redemption Island will be back in the game after tonight. Who will it be?

Redemption Island will end tonight and one castaway will return to the game. Thus, it’s either Laura M, John or Laura B. I’m guessing it could be John. What about you?

The final challenge for the three is to straddle a post and hang on as long as they can. The last castaway standing wins.

I’m glad that there’s no more Redemption Island but I want to see other challenges for the new tribe. Yes, the merge is going to happen tonight, by the way which will be named Kasama.

New alliance will be formed and another big blindside is about to happen. Who will get the boot?

Want to know who it is? Please read on to continue…

Spoilers say Aras gets blindsided while Vytas finds the Hidden Immunity Idol. We’ll confirm it tonight as we give the results.

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Update: Laura M is back in the game; Aras gets voted out.

FINAL BATTLE – John vs Laura M vs Laura B

– Endurance challenge – the three must hang on to a pole and the last one standing wins.

– John was the first one to be out

– Laura B drops second

Laura M wins and she’s back in the game!



– Laura burns the clue to the immunity idol.

– Hayden tells Tyson all the information he knew about the idol. Tyson then uses that information to find the idol without telling Hayden.



– Castaways must repeat a series of symbols using a cube.

– Winner – Vytas



Laura – 2 votes

Ciera – 2 votes

Aras – 5 votes



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