Who was voted out Survivor November 9, 2011 Results 11/9/11

Survivor South Pacific November 9, 2011 will be a one shocking episode. The tribes have merged last week to a new tribe named “Te Tuna”. Lots of surprises are happening the past two weeks of the show. Will there be more surprises tonight during the tribal council? Which player will be sent to Redemption Island next?

Expect to be shocked tonight as double elimination takes place. One castaway will face the wrath of a former alliance. This is obvious as Cochran since he had flipped over to the Upolu team and voted that got Keith voted off. The Savaii members are furious with him that if only they could do whatever they want to do with him, they will surely do it.

In a way, it’s Ozzy’s wrong decisions from the previous weeks that the Savaii tribe is being picked off one by one. It was a wrong decision for him to take the risk by saving Cochran and have himself voted off to Redemption Island to win against Christine. He made another wrong move when he played his Immunity Idol for Whitney last week. We’ve never been frustrated for a long time until Ozzy does the bold move. He is sure to be the next castaway to get voted off, but who’s the other player if it’s double eviction?

Anyway, are you up for some spoilers for this episode? Maxx Fisher of TV Fun Spot have some spoilers once again. If you want to find out what will happen, then please continue reading.

According to him, the castaways to be in Redemption Island tonight are Ozzy and Jim. Ozzy didn’t win individual immunity and doesn’t have the immunity idol to make him safe while Jim was evicted for the reason that the former Upolu members think that leaving the former Savaii tribe members will be easier to deal with than having the guys around.

There is no Redemption Island Challenges, but 2 immunity challenges and 2 tribal councils.

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Update: Ozzy and Jim got voted off and sent to Redemption Island.

Voting History:

First tribal council – Ozzy got 9 out of 11 possible votes

– All voted off Ozzy except Jim and Ozzy himself


Second tribal council – Jim got 7 out of 11 possible votes

– Albert, Brandon, Coach, Cochran, Edna, Rick, Sophie voted off Jim

– Dawn, Whitney and Jim voted off Edna

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