Who was voted out Survivor October 10, 2012 Results 10/10/12

The drama continues tonight on the fourth episode of Survivor Philippines. Fifteen castaways remain, that’s still a lot, but if you look at it, all of the contestants who were eliminated since the season premiere is from Matsing. Only three from the Matsing tribe remain and if they lose again during the immunity challenge, one of these three will leave. Will they win this time or they will lose for the fourth time?

Last week, Abi-Maria told Pete about the clue to the hidden immunity idol, which led Pet into talking to Lisa about joining Abi-Maria to blindside Michael. Meanwhile, Jonathan told Jeff about the idol that he had to get Jeff’s trust while Matsing lost the challenge again due to Angie and Russell giving up. Angie was sent home last week.

Tonight, it will all be about shifting alliances, a devious scheme and a shocking story. Titled “Create a Little Chaos”, one tribe is in turmoil about the hidden immunity idol. Someone is planing a scheme so that one of the castaway will be accused of getting the idol. Meanwhile, one survivor will share a shocking story from childhood and there are speculations that it’s Lisa. If ever that’s true, we’ll find out what this story is.

I hope Matsing wins this another intense immunity challenge but I’m not sure if they will win. If they lose again, Russell will be going home for sure.

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Update: Russell Swan has been voted off!

Russell’s tribe suspects he has the immunity idol…

Immunity challenge – carry two pots of rice on a bamboo pole, collect a total of six pots, and smash them. Reward for the first tribe to finish – steak, veggies and spices.

For the second tribe to finish – veggies and spieces.

First place – Tandang

Second place – Kalabaw

Matsing tribe at the tribal council again…





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