Who was voted out Survivor October 12, 2011 Results 10/12/11

Survivor South Pacific October 12, 2011 is the fifth episode this season. So far, two have left, two castaways are in the Redemption Island and 14 players are still in the competition to do the challenges. Who will be the third person to left after losing from the duel? Who will get voted out of Survivor 10/12/11 results and be the next to be send off to the island?

It’s Stacey and Christine at the Redemption Island and one of them will be leaving. Meanwhile, for the immunity challenge, it will be something messy and disgusting as the team members have to remove meat from the bone using their mouth, while someone gets another immunity idol. Someone gets blindsided during the tribal council as well.

Who’s going to be kicked off next? Spoilers say that things are shaking up a bit on Savaii tribe as Elyse and Ozzy get blindsided. Upolu wins the immunity challenge Elyse is the next castaway for the duel next week against Christine as she wins again tonight.

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Update: Stacey lost the duel ad got eliminated; Upolu wins immunity challenge; Elyse got voted off and sent to Redemption Island;

Voting History:

Cochran – Elyse

Dawn – Elyse

Jim – Elyse

Keith – Dawn

Ozzy – Cochran

Whitney – Dawn

Elyse – Cochran

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