Who was voted out Survivor October 13 2010 Results 10/13/10

There might be some changes on Survivor Nicaragua October 13, 2010 episode 5. Will there be unexpected twist of events tonight? Will one of the La Flor tribe be booted out next? If ever, who among them gets voted out of Survivor 10/13/10?

According to spoilers, there will be a swap at 16 players and the number of castaways left is 16.  If there will be a team switching, it will be 5 from La Flor, 3 from Espada on one tribe. While there will be 4 La Flor and 4 Espada on the other tribe. Will it happen tonight? This makes the season about Nicaragua more interesting, huh?

For the challenge, it will be about the spinning wheel. Which tribe will win this challenge and who will the Immunity? Will Marty be able to get his way with his new team members and be able to manipulate them once again?

I can’t wait to watch the episode tonight to see who’s going to be on the new teams. Do you have any guess as to who might be sent home tonight?

Check out the updates tonight here. Know who was voted out or eliminated on Survivor October 13, 2010 results.

Update: Tyrone was voted out, getting 5 of 8 votes.

Those who voted for Tyrone were Alina, Benry, Brenda, Holly, NaOnka

Those who voted for NaOnka were Dan, Yve, Tyrone

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