Who was voted out Survivor October 16, 2013 Results 10/16/13

An all new episode of Survivor: Blood vs Water airs tonight. The drama and challenges continue tonight as the battle resumes to know who’s going home. Will it be Candice, John or Brad?

These are the three inhabitants in Redemption Island but at the start of the episode, there’s gong to be a battle, where one will be eliminated for good. However, will it be Brad to do the challenge or will it be Monica? Since there are spoilers that Monica is in the final three, it might be that there’s no swap that will happen tonight. But, there are also spoilers that she swapped with Brad. If that is so and the spoilers are correct that she’s in the final three, she may have won the battle.

Anyway, tonight’s episode is titled “The Dead Can Still Talk”. In this episode, one castaway will sacrifice his/her own life in the game for a loved one. This could be Monica though.

Meanwhile, the Immunity Challenge tonight is called “Slide Show”. For this challenge, one player from each tribe will have a duel with another tribe. They have to slide down a huge water slide, get a ring and jump. The first to get it to land on a cross a short distance wins.

Will Tadhana win this time? Follow us on Twitter, add us on Google Plus or join us on Facebook for tonight’s results. The eliminated castaway and the next one who gets voted off Survivor: Blood vs Water’s episode 5 will be posted here.

Update: Candice gets eliminated; Laura M got voted out.

DUEL – Candice vs John vs Brad

– Monica offered to switch with Brad but he declined.

– The three must make a bridge and a puzzle out of it.

– Winner – John

– Eliminated – Candice


IMMUNITY CHALLENGE – giant slide and ring toss. Reward for the winning team is steaks or fishing gear.

– Winner – Tadhana

– They chose steak rather than the fishing gear



– Laura B – 1 vote

– Laura M – 5 votes

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